Distributed AutomatIon SYstems

Within the framework of ESMARTCITY project, the DAISY lab organized a visit to Copenhagen to strengthen the cooperation with Europen level institutions. In particular, the visit was to: • EnergyLab Nordavn: http://www.energylabnordhavn.com/ • Doll Living Labs: https://doll-livinglab.com/ • The collective project in the Svalin Community: https://the-energy-collective-project.com/ • PowerLab in Danish Technical University, http://www.powerlab.dk/

Within the framework of EsmartCity project, DAISY lab is going to install new IoT sensors in Building 25 of Polimi! The sensors are Envisense by CogniMade (http://www.cognimade.com/)

A new paper has been accepted on smart micro grids: Le Anh Dao, Alireza Dehghani Pilehvarani, Luca Ferrarini and Achilleas Markou, "A Hierarchical Distributed Predictive Control Approach for Microgrids Energy Management", Journal of Sustainable Cities and Society (Elsevier), 2019, Accepted. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scs.2019.101536.

Two papers has been accepted on nonlinear predictive control of temperature in buildings with heat pumps and radiant floors: S. Rastegarpour, S. Gros, L. Ferrarini, " MPC approaches for modulating air-to-water heat pumps in radiant-floor buildings ", IFAC Journal, Control Engineering Practice, 2019. S. Rastegarpour, L. Ferrarini, F. Palaiogiannis, "A Distributed Predictive Control of Energy Resources in Radiant Floor Buildings", Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control (ASME), 2019, doi:10.1115/1.4043935.f

Industrial processes automation engineering

Industrial automation represents the core research field on which DAISY Lab was built. Years of experience are claimed on a vast range of applications, such as printing machines, robotized packaging lines and stations, extrusion lines and automatic storage and retrieval systems.
Acting on an industrial-oriented cooperative approach, DAISY Lab promotes the diffusion and integration of the most advanced technologies in any productive realities, resulting in:

Energy generation and management

DAISY Lab embraces the increasing attention on the energetic sustainability and European climate-neutral economy plan, applying innovative modeling approaches and control strategies to various applicative fields such as:

Introducing cutting-edge academic researches onto such energy systems allows a multitude of benefits, ranging from dedicated efficiency-oriented control architectures to advanced transitory management strategies.

Advanced control techniques

Among the most familiar advanced control techniques integrated by DAISY Lab, we can highlight: